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Pollkadot 10/15/17 10/15/18 Polkadot is a network that connects blockchains and allows different technologies
to interoperate with each other. It's basically an internet native international law.
Sharpe Capital ICO 11/6/17 2/8/18 There's currently no Sharpe Capital description. We will do our best to review Sharpe Capital and write the description as soon as possible.
Auctus ICO 11/14/17 TBA Auctus is a blockchain project thatís focused on pensions. It aims to create a pension platform that is more efficient and transparent through smart contracts.
Bitproperty ICO 12/1/17 TBA BitProperty is a blockchain real estate platform that works globally. Its BTP token powers the network, which eliminates financial and regulatory restrictions.
EventChain ICO 9/13/17 TBA EventChain is a decentralized blockchain ticketing network designed to eliminate ticket fraud and reduce overheads. Its ERC20 Ethereum-based token is EVC.
Blockstack ICO 11/13/17 TBA Blockstack is a project aiming to create a decentralized internet that runs on Dapps. It has its own browser and storage system that encrypts data between apps.
MAD Network ICO 11/30/17 TBA MAD Network is the future of programmatic advertising.
Bitnation ICO 2/1/18 3/3/18 Pangea is a decentralized market for legal services accessed through a smartphone-chat user friendly interface.
CoinFI (Pre-Sale) ICO 1/15/18 TBA CoinFi offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give cryptocurrency traders the real-time market intelligence needed to gain an edge. It is like the Seeking Alpha or Bloomberg dashboard of crypto.
Darico ICO 1/15/18 7/15/18 Darico is an asset-backed cryptocurrency thatís been designed specifically to provide a safer, more accessible gateway to cryptocurrency investment.
Blockport ICO 2/28/18 3/28/18 Blockport is the first social crypto exchange where beginner investors can easily buy, sell and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Additionally with the BPT token members can reward each other for sharing their portfolio.
Galaxy eSolutions ICO 1/15/18 2/28/18 Galaxy eSolutions is a global distribution and e-commerce marketplace for refurbished consumer electronics.
OriginTrail ICO 1/15/18 1/28/18 OriginTrail is a first purpose-built protocol for supply chains based on blockchain.
Bankera ICO 1/14/18 TBA A blockchain bank for the crypto community, Bankera enables payments to be made with IBAN and debit cards. Both fiat and cryptocurrencies are supported.